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Sports Consultants trained by the best handicappers in Vegas


Two lifelong friends who grew up in Las Vegas, NV together were taught by some of the best handicappers in the city and thought it would be a crime to not share the wealth to help others beat down their bookies like they did. So, MoneyLine Locks was born!

"Chuck's Bucks"

Chuck Jr's dad was a Sportsbook Systems Architect at some of the most popular sportsbooks on The Strip for over 30 years. It goes without saying, the kid was heavily influenced by his pops... and if you ask me, I think he knew a little too much about sports gambling before he even went to prom. Speaking of which, just a couple weeks after graduating High School, he was drafted into the Milwaukee Brewers organization and started playing minor league ball right away. Chuck was killing it and quickly reached the AA level, but after battling through a string of injuries over a few years, it made sense to hang ‘em up and he decided to return back home to try his luck in Vegas. Some would call it beginner’s luck, but I'd argue a run like that at the books doesn't happen by putting a rabbit’s foot on your keychain. Chuck quickly earned himself a reputation, and it wouldn't be long before some casinos stopped taking his action. In fact, only a couple still do and they put caps on his bets.

"Double Deuces"

After winning a big No Limit Hold’em tournament with pocket 2’s, the nickname stuck with him like angry on a wet cat. So, what’s his real name? Well I'm sure any Vegas pit boss could tell you because he cashed enough 6-figure tickets at the sportsbooks to get blackballed. If you ask me though? You should call him whatever he wants, as long as his wisdom keeps padding your pockets! In 2018, he predicted the winner of 6 PGA golf tournaments alone! His golf knowledge comes from years of playing, and after being named captain of the golf team in high school, he became an amateur PGA golfer for a few years before consistently enduring back injuries and was forced into an early sports retirement just like his counterpart.

The duo was mentored by Chuck Sr. and many of his fellow handicappers which ultimately helped them set up a sports-agnostic system to break down match-ups. Through the utilization of advanced analytics, they’ve turned picking winners into a science. Sign up now to see just how detailed and accurate these freaks are!